About Us

Richard began his interests in woodworking while attending Portage North Junior High School.  From 7th grade, throughout his senior year, Richard took woodworking courses and built decorative pieces of furniture for members of his family.  It was during high school that Richard began making signs using a router, a V-groove bit and a steady hand.

After graduation from high school in 1978, Richard joined the U.S. Army.  His plan was to serve his country for three years, then enter into the private sector to either attend college or find a job that he would be suited for given his experience while serving overseas and state-side assignment.

Having attended Basic Airborne School, taught by U.S. Army Green Berets at Fort Sherman Panama, Richard elected to reenlist and requested assignment at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Home of the Airborne.  It was there where Richard served with elite paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division and, after applying, was accepted to Special Forces Training and served on his A-team as the Senior Medical Sergeant with a second specialty as a Light Weapons Expert.  It was while Richard was serving as a Green Beret that he would receive a request from his Detachment Commander to recreate the Special Forces Crest for an instructional podium.

Richard’s wood designs were now 3-dimensional, and receiving requests as going-away gifts for fellow detachment personnel.  This skill continued for the remainder of his career as a Green Beret and then as a Cobra Attack Helicopter Pilot, then a Kiowa Warrior Attack/Reconnaissance Pilot.  His works were now receiving wide recognition and were known as “Doc Cardosa Specials.”

Richard is a disabled combat veteran and continues to improve upon the designs that began back in high school.  His work remains in high demand and he has enjoyed creating designs for his clients.  Richard donates pieces of his work for charity auctions and he has also sponsored his own charity sales to raise money for military families in need.

The launch of this website opens the door to countless opportunities, not only for Richard, but for other disabled veterans.  As business grows, Richard will employ other veterans, and if the possibility to expand his business from his own shop becomes possible, he hopes to help veterans under his tutoring to become successful entrepreneurs and expand his brand of one-of-a-kind solid wood custom designs.

Richard J. Cardosa

Owner / Operator